How to Dress If You Have an Hourglass Figure?

If your shoulders and hips are of equal width while your waist is narrower than usual, you are most likely an hourglass figure (also referred to as a pear). Take pride in this natural balance by emphasizing curves without making them appear top heavy.

Look for tops with fitted, v-neck or scoop necklines as well as cap or flutter sleeves to enhance your waistline and further draw attention to it. Tuck them in as an additional way of showing off that waistline.


Those with close shoulders and hips with an easily defined waistline, as well as having well-defined hips may be considered hourglass body types. Curve-hugging hourglass forms come naturally balanced by having a defined waist; making it easy to create flattering outfits that accentuate their natural curvier features.

Check for tops that accentuate your waistline, such as fitted blazers or peplum styles. Light shoulder-enhancing sleeves can also work wonders; just avoid anything wide-necked, which broadens shoulders visually.

Skirts and dresses should feature pencil, a-line or pleated styles that begin at your smallest point, with hemlines sitting just at or slightly below the knee – this will elongate your legs. Furthermore, trousers that add bulk in front should be avoided in favor of styles with darts or pockets at the hips that elongate legs further and make you appear wider.


An effective skirt or dress should accentuate your waistline, with simple styles that create proportional balance being ideal. A-lines, pencils and bias cut skirts can work well as well as wrap dresses. When searching for embellishments that widen the hipline such as darts and ruffles. Look for one with an appropriate hemline just above or below the knee to elongate legs further.

Pant suits and trousers with tailored blazers can also be extremely flattering on hourglass figure ladies, especially single-breasted silhouettes that elongate the body without overshadowing waist definition.

No matter whether you’re hanging out with friends or running errands, an outfit that accentuates your hourglass figure will have you looking effortlessly chic. Pair skinny jeans with a bold colored sleeveless top and add an adjustable belt for extra definition before layering with comfy sneakers or leather jacket.


An hourglass figure is defined by its defined waistline, full bust and rounded hips. While this body type may feel well-balanced, the key to showing off its curves lies with form-fitting clothing that emphasizes your curves. Avoid clothing that hides your shape with loose-fitting styles; opt for fitted tops and pants, as well as midi dresses starting at your smallest part of waist for maximum curve enhancement.

Necklines should be slimming, drawing attention to your face and offsetting a larger bust size. Sleeves should be light yet flattering such as cap sleeves or flutter sleeves; additionally, tightening up at the waist with a belt can draw more focus to its narrowest point.

Casual dressing can be challenging for hourglass figures, but there are ways to emphasize your curves without losing style. A wrap dress that hugs your curves is an excellent option and pairs perfectly with flat sandals for an eye-catching and flattering look.


Accessories should aim to maintain balance and let an hourglass figure’s natural proportions shine through. Any garments that add bulk, such as oversized tunics and boxy jackets, should be avoided; instead opt for items that draw a line from shoulders to hips such as structured pieces with fitted sleeves or waist-cinching belts.

Avoid wide necklines like boat and square necks that can add visual width to the bust, such as boat necks. Instead, opt for more flattering V-neck or scoop necklines instead, with slimming sleeves like cap or set-in styles for slimmer sleeves. Also, steer away from large or chunky necklaces in favour of more petite pendant styles that sit close to your neckline.

As part of your casual ensemble ideas, try wearing a wrap dress that embraces all of your curves in all the right places. Complete the look with skinny jeans and an eye-catching top – and add a thin belt to further define your waist!

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