Why Am I Getting Skin Tags All of a Sudden?

Your skin works hard to protect you, but it isn’t perfect. While most of the time skin tags won’t cause discomfort or even irritation, sometimes they might. That is why it’s wise to consult a dermatologist about options available for your specific needs.

Small Benign Tumors

Skin tags (also called acrochordons) are small benign tumors found mainly in areas where skin forms folds or rubs together, such as armpits, groin, neck or eyelids. Composed of collagen fibers and blood vessels surrounded by skin, they typically measure less than half an inch in length but may grow up to half that size with a fleshy stalk (peduncle).

Although its causes remain elusive, friction may play a part in their formation. This could come from friction from skin rubbing together, jewelry snagging against clothing or even just general daily life; or hormonal fluctuations including pregnancy and menopause. Furthermore, people with diabetes and insulin resistance tend to have more skin tags.

Most often, growths on your skin don’t warrant much concern and should be left alone. But if they cause itching or pain to you or are becoming irritating to touch then consulting with a dermatologist might be worthwhile to have them removed – they will perform a simple, painless procedure to do just that!

Home Remedies

However, home remedies can help speed up the process of eliminating skin tags more rapidly. One such remedy involves covering them in liquid iodine to dry out their growth before being rubbed off later. Another effective treatment involves applying a thin coat of pure vitamin E oil over it and massaging into place over several days or applying a mixture of garlic and apple cider vinegar directly onto it; eventually this should cause it to shrink and fall off completely.

Avoid self-treating skin tags at home as they contain blood vessels that could easily bleed out. Chemical products used for removal could potentially cause further inflammation and cause more harm than good; similarly razor blades should never be used, since they can lead to bleeding and infection.

A dermatologist is the best person for effective removal with simple surgical procedures that won’t leave scars behind.

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