How to Have a Litter Box in a Small Apartment?

If you live in a small apartment and plan on adopting a cat, finding an appropriate location for its litter box will be key in maintaining its aesthetic appeal and controlling odors.

Ideal locations include a quiet corner of a bedroom or hallway, an unused closet or laundry room; alternatively you could opt for furniture designed specifically to conceal the litter box.

Hang a Curtain

Make the most of nooks and crannies around your apartment to hide a litter box – they make for ideal spots that offer quiet and away from traffic areas, while providing adequate ventilation to prevent smelly conditions from developing.

When creating privacy for your cat in an inactive closet or storage bench with lift-up lid, or bedroom that sees less foot traffic, hanging a curtain can give her both privacy and visual field of sight. Another alternative would be converting a storage bench into the perfect litter box location; guest bedrooms might be especially ideal as their foot traffic may be minimal; just be wary when choosing beds or dressers as litter box locations and make sure there is sufficient room for entry/exit of litter box users.

Cover it with a Folding Screen

Folding screens can provide privacy, keep smells at bay, and preserve the aesthetics of your apartment. You can find such screens at most hardware stores or online.

Make sure the area where you place your cat’s litter box offers privacy, adequate ventilation and is easy for you to reach and clean. Avoid placing it near high traffic areas that might attract litter rakers; rather opt for quiet corners where cats won’t disturb the peace.

People tend to place the litter box for their cat in either their bathroom or laundry room for easy maintenance and ventilation needs. Unfortunately, renting can make this difficult; drilling holes for interior products could result in you forfeiting your damage deposit.

Hide it in a Cabinet

Cabinets can be an effective way to conceal your cat’s litter box while still giving them access. You can purchase an affordable cabinet specifically made for this purpose or use one from furniture you already have as an enclosure – decor YouTuber Alexandra Gater used an Ikea cabinet from her living room to conceal her litter box by cutting an inconspicuous pet door into its side for easy access from all directions.

She added scoopers and sweepers for easy cleanup inside the cabinet, and left enough space at the back for her kitty door. To further facilitate cleaning up after yourself and other pets in a more discreet area (e.g. laundry room or mudroom), this method also works great.

Place it in a Laundry Room

Locating your litter box in an ideal spot is key to helping your cat feel at home in their apartment. A quiet, out of the way area that offers privacy and good ventilation will keep odors under control while also creating the ultimate feline experience.

Laundry rooms provide ideal conditions for many, with tile floors and plenty of ventilation – yet some cats may feel uneasy in this space, particularly if it evokes memories of laundry day!

If a laundry room isn’t an option for your apartment, consider placing the litter box in an unused bedroom or linen closet instead. Just be sure to put down a mat under it so any loose litter doesn’t go flying off when opening and closing the box! There are even special pieces designed specifically to look like furniture so as not to take up valuable floor space in any given space.

Place it in a Bedroom

Location for litter boxes should be carefully considered when choosing where they will reside, preferably away from high traffic areas like living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Laundry rooms or guest bedrooms tend not to receive as much foot traffic compared to living rooms or kitchens. There are products on the market which allow users to discreetly conceal litter boxes within furniture pieces or enclosures that pass for decor pieces.

As a general guideline, it’s wise to have one traditional litter box per cat plus an extra as a backup plan in case accidents or unplanned littering arises. Making the litter box visible will prevent your cat from using other areas in your apartment for bathroom business and keep things smelling fresher!

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